Faithful Citizen's Role in Politics?

Very often the argument is made that faith has no place in politics.

All of us, as advocates for social justice and for the less fortunate, have a legitimate role to play in forging public opinion and influencing legislative voting on issues that directly or indirectly affect peoples' lives for good or ill.

Faith leaders have continued to speak about our obligation to be involved in the political process that elects and governs.  Our responsibility for the direction of public life can appear to be enormous.

How can we who are busy do our part?

We can send direct communications to legislators and write letters to local newspapers!!  Many legislators have said they haven't received much from their constituents - so let's send more! PLEASE -- you are encouraged to take action!

With the legislators returning home from Richmond for at least a little while - keep your eyes opened for town hall meetings and other opportunities to meet directly with them on their home turf. If you hear about public events, PLEASE notify SALT (just click on “Contact us” above) so we can inform others about it. 

Remember - ALL the legislators need to hear from constituents about the urgency of our SALT legislative priorities.  Letters to the Editor and Op/Eds are effective ways tor reach legislators and by shaping public policy opinion. (See “State Legislative Agenda” & “Special Alert-State” pages on the SALT web site.)

To get started (below) are some Sample Letters and editorials to the Editor (LTE) to send to your local press. To contact your Delegate or State Senator just sign up for the “SALT e-Network” above. You will receive occasional Alerts about up-coming legislation with bill numbers, key committee’s members, (who to contact and when), and talking points/fact sheets. Samples follow:

Letter Editor Every Child I  Letter to Richmond Times Dispatch Electric Chair 
Letter  to Del. Ingram  LTE FXTimes Medicaid Expan BN
Connection Medicaid LTE Letter to Delegate 
Letter to Editor - FairfaxTimes Letter to Speaker Howell Health Care Insurance 
Claire’s Letter to the Editor Response to Delegate Scott Lingamfelter by Meghan Czaikoski
Letter to the Editor Connection Newspapers  The Washington Post
LTE Washington Post Editor SALT Letter to the Editor in Washington Post 1/25/17 
Where is our country’s moral compass?  


Write and respond to Newspapers Opinions and editorials:

Until Virginia expands Medicaid, people will suffer needlessly

How can we who are busy do our part?  Here are a few more suggestions:

Vote: Since our elected officials have a great deal of influence on the common good, it makes sense that we at least find out what candidates believe about important issues such as the economy, arms control, military spending, caring for the poor, health care reform, creating jobs, and other important moral issues. Then we have to make the effort to get to the polls and vote.

Stay informed: Even reading the newspapers or watching the news frequently helps us to be aware of the way political life does or does not promote justice and well-being in society.  Books, periodicals and magazines are good sources for analyzing issues in light of reason and faith.  Excellent sources for information and insight are ecumenical organizations like Bread for the World, the Virginia Interfaith Center and SALT.

Advocate: Those elected to government posts respond to our opinions and concern especially when they are well reasoned and presented in a positive light. Our letters, calls and visits do contribute to a better future for all.

E-mail or call your legislator today? Tell them to support ALL Safety Net programs.
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Keep on Advocating!